How to Add Favorites and Contacts to a Polycom VVX Phone

To add Favorites* to your Polycom VVX Phone, do the following:

  • Click the Home/House Button
  • Select Directories
  • Select Contact Directory
  • Click Add
  • Enter info in the First Name, Last Name, and Contact areas ("Contact" will be a ten digit phone number)
  • Click Save

If you have soft key line buttons (these are the keys to the left and the right of your LCD screen) available on your phone's LCD screen (or your phone's LCD screen and your Expansion Module (aka Side Car)), the favorites will automatically show up on the LCD screen(s) as one-touch dial buttons.  Once you run out of soft key buttons, the favorites will continue to be saved but will only show up in your Favorites menu.  That menu can be accessed two ways:

  1. Hit the up arrow on your wheel key. (This key is near the Home/House button.)
  2. Go to Home > Directories > Favorites

The order of your favorites can be changed by going into a contact's profile and changing the Favorite Index number.

*Note: To add contacts that are not favorites, follow the above instructions but delete the Favorite Index number in the contact's profile.  If you scroll down in a contact's profile, you will notice that every newly added contact automatically comes with a Favorite Index number.  This is because ever contact becomes a favorite by default unless this index number is erased.

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