How to Access Your Voicemail from the MobileLink App

Below are directions to access your voicemail from your MobileLink app either to create/update your voicemail greeting(s) and/or to listen to your voicemail messages:

- Dial your extension on the app dial pad.  This will take you into the voicemail portal.

- Enter your voicemail password followed by the # key.  If this is your first time accessing your voicemail, default voicemail passwords are usually set to 1234.  You are welcome to keep your password as 1234 or to change it to a 4-digit code of your choosing.  If you are not able to access your voicemail, please contact LunaTech support so we can reset your password.

- If prompted, dial 1 to enter your voicemail box/voicemail system. 

- Dial 1 again to listen to your messages, 2 to change your busy greeting (used when your phone is on DND), 3 to change your “No Answer Greeting” (i.e. general voicemail greeting), or 4 to change/activate/deactivate your extended away greeting (this greeting can be used for vacations, etc so that you do not have to change your general voicemail message).


Note:  If this is the first time you are using your voicemail, you will be asked to record your name after entering in/changing your voicemail password (this is your name only and not a full voicemail greeting).  Once your name is recorded, follow the prompts above to listen to any messages and to setup your actual voicemail greeting.

Note: If you are using the app on an iPhone, you can also access your voicemail by hitting the gray phone handset icon on the bottom right hand corner of your dial pad screen and selecting Call Voicemail.


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