Setting up a Poly APP-51 EHS & CS540 Headset on a Poly VVX400 series Phone

You want the following options enabled on the headset base:

  • Configuration switch: A
  • Speaking Volume: 2 (can be changed if needed)
  • Listening Volume: 2 (can be changed if needed)

For the physical connection of the headset to the phone, the end of the EHS cable that has the "phone jack connector" (**be sure to put this part into the headset jack on the back of the phone and not the AUX jack) and the 5-prong connector goes into the phone and the other end goes into the headset base.  

To enable the headset on the phone and allow you to answer and hang up the call from the headset, you will want to do the following on the phone:
Home button > Basic > Preferences > Headsets > Hookswitch Mode > Plantronics EHS > Yes
Once these settings are selected, the phone will reboot.

If you want the headset to be the default way that the phone is used, you will also want to enable Headset Memory on the phone.  Once this is enabled, the headset button on the phone will blink green.  To do this: 
Home button > Basic > Preferences > Headsets > Headset Memory > Enabled 
At this point, you should be able to hit the silver button on the side of their headset to pick up and end calls.



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