How to Access the Voicemail System from Outside the Office

1.  Dial the number associated with the voicemails you would like to retrieve. Some examples are:

  • Calling your direct dial number (DID)
  • Calling your main office number and dialing your extension (or following a prompt on your main line to be transferred to your extension or an extension of your choosing)

2.  When the voicemail greeting for that number picks up, press the * key to be transferred to the voicemail portal

3.  Enter your VM passcode and press #.

4. If prompted, dial 1 to enter the voicemail system, otherwise skip to the next step.

5. Press 1 to listen to your messages, 2 to change your Busy Greeting, 3 to change your No Answer Greeting (your standard VM greeting), etc.

NOTE:  If you are logging into your voicemail for the first time, the system may first ask you to record your "Name".  This is the name you would like associated with your number (i.e. John Doe, ABC Company General Voicemail Box, Guest Relations), not a full voicemail greeting.



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