Setup for Jabra 9470 Headset On A VVX400 Series Polycom


You will want to connect the extra cord (EHS) that you can purchase from a third party vendor (i.e. Amazon) to the AUX port on the back of the headset base and then into the pronged port on the back of the phone.

The phone cable that came with the Jabra headset you will want to connect one end to the port on the Jabra base that has the blue phone icon and the other end into the port on the phone that has the headset icon.  You do not have to do anything with the curly handset cord.


When the setup screen lights up on the phone, you want to chose:

- Manual Mode

- Desk phone setup

- YES for special adapter

- Capability letter "A"

- DHSG for the type of adapter


On the polycom phone itself:

- Hit the HOME button

- Select Settings

- Basic

- Preferences

- Headset

- Headset hookswitch

- Jabra EHS

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