Email Setup On iOS

The process to set up your email is generally a quick and easy process exactly the same on all iOS devices.

1. Click on the Settings icon on the Home screen.

2. In the list of various settings, select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3. Click on Add Account select Exchange from the list that appears.

4.  Enter your email address and password, ensuring both are correct.  Adding a Description is optional, but it may be helpful to put "Work" or your company name here.  When complete, tap Next

5.  Generally, you should get all checkmarks as seen in in the second image below; however, if you see the screen below, simply tap Continue.  (iOS sometimes doesn't wait long enough for the verification, hitting Continue gives it more time.)



6.  The screen will immediately move to the account components screen where you some or all of the sliders may be green.  You should only select the ones you want, if not all of them.  When done, click Save and your account is now added to your iPhone or iPad.


Note: If you have tried the above instructions several times but instead keep getting prompted to enter Domain and Server information, please call LunaTech Support to get this information. 



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