What Do Outlook Permissions Mean?

Outlook Permissions are permissions that control:

  • Private folders (email, contacts, calendar, etc.) that users can share with one another or designated you or someone as a delegate of that folder, where permissions control certain activities based on the role assigned.
  • Public folders that can grant users access and/or certain levels of permission-based control, exactly like private folders.
  • Folders in a Sharepoint site.

The following table illustrates those permissions:

NOTE: Send-on-Behalf Permissions
With Author or Editor permissions, a delegate has send-on-behalf-of permission. Sent messages contain both the manager's and delegate's names. Message recipients see the manager's name in the Sent On Behalf Of box and the delegate's name in the From box.


NOTE: Meeting Requests & Appointments
Users with permission levels starting with Contributor and higher can only create Meeting Requests in the shared calendar. If you want users to create Appointments, you need to set default permissions for your Calendar as Editor.
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