Email Setup On Android

Make sure you have your email server details from LunaTech before following this article.

1. On your phone, navigate to the "Email" option.

2. Enter your email address and email password and press "Manual Setup."

3. Select account type "Exchange" or "Corporate."

4. Enter your server address as per the information LunaTech has sent and ensure you enable SSL/TLS.

5. If you receive any warnings or requests for access, please select OK or YES.

6. If successful, you will be asked some options for your email account. The default options are fine; however, if you wish to save battery life you may change your email checking frequency to a lower value than (push). Push means you will receive emails instantly. You may also wish to change the days of emails to sync. This setting means how many days of emails/calendar entries your phone will keep.

7. Once you have selected you are set up and ready to use your email.

8. To check your email, simply click on the "Email" icon.

9. (OPTIONAL) If you ever wish to change your email settings, simply go to your phone "Settings."

10. Select the account "Corporate" or "Exchange."

11. Select "Account Settings."

12. Change settings as you wish.


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