How To Use Virtual Fax

Inbound Faxes

Inbound faxes are sent to your fax number and arrive in your email inbox as a PDF attachment. In addition, the body of the email lists:

  1. The number of pages sent
  2. Your fax number
  3. The sender's fax number (in parenthesis)

Outbound Faxes

A Fax Cover Sheet is automatically created using the subject and body of the email. Page numbers are automatically calculated and time-stamps of the date and time the fax was received are on the cover sheet.

This, along with the file attachment, can be sent to the recipient's fax machine or to an email address (This will require a special fax DID number). Once delivered, the user will receive a "Successful Fax Delivery" confirmation email along with a copy of the sent fax as an attachment (in a .TIF file).


Because of this capability, these email notifications can be saved in a folder within Outlook or any other email application as reference for confirmation of successfully sent faxes.

Outbound Faxing Instructions

Sending faxes is easy.

  1. Create an outgoing email and address it to:, where "x" equals the 10-digit fax number you wish to send to (do not use any dashes or periods between numbers).
    This number will be displayed as the "TO:" on the fax cover page.
  2. Add a subject (optional). This text will be included as the "SUBJECT:" on the fax cover page.
  3. Type any text in the body of the email. This will be included on the cover page. (If the body of the email is greater than one page, additional pages will be printed).
    This can only be text. Any additional format included such as signature logos (.tif, .jpg., GIF, etc.) will not be included.
  4. Attach the file you wish to send as a fax. These files can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs.
  5. Send the Email. The email must be sent from an address currently associated with your company's Virtual Fax.

Files not supported as faxes: PNG, GIF, JPEG. If you wish to send these it is best to convert them to PDF or put them in a Word document and then save that as PDF.

Download a copy of these instructions for future reference:

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